How to prepare for a Wedding.

Okay so your ready to get married and have engaged our DJ services. Thank you for trusting us with this important day. We appreciate your business, so here are some suggestions that will help us make it great.

1) Go onto the database we send you and create a playlist. Yes do it , it will give us a sense of what your wedding will be like . Your guests: 40% are into Country and 60% Club Dance? These are just examples , but we want to plan on it and every idea you give us helps us play music geared to your crowd. One thing to remember is not to forget the people who brought you up and raised you.If they are there that night they might appreciate music from their era as well ( at the beginning of the night). Ask them what they or their friends might like to dance to. They’ll be impressed you considered them!

2)Make sure to communicate the time and location for the wedding and any changes that may occur the week prior. The hardest part is not knowing when you have to be ready, or if the location has changed. It happens so an update a week out from you or your wedding planner is appreciated.

3) The location for the DJ setup. This is important. Some places have a designated location because they have the table and plug ins there, not much you can do. The main thing is when you look at the dance floor and where the DJ table is, it far away  or close by?  Where can the DJ place the speakers? Do they have enough space on either side of the table. We require at least 12 feet of space . An 8 foot table plus 2 feet on each side for speakers. Also look at who may be seated close to those speakers. Older folks may not be happy with the sound and usually ask to have the music lowered, even at dinner time. We can look at your space further when your planning to set up your room and discuss.

4) Microphone use. We provide a wireless microphone for use , but most venues may already have an in house system in place which works well for speeches, but not for dance music. We can discuss this for each venue and give you the best advice on how to proceed.

5)Have the MC communicate with the DJ. Introduce him/herself and discuss the flow of the evening. The DJ will take cues from them and follow their lead. Example if the MC is going to announce the couple  he will look over to give the signal to have the DJ play the music. They should have a line of sight to each other. This is also very important if you have us come to play music at a ceremony. Someone should be sure to cue the DJ for music.

6)Your first dance can be done right at the beginning upon entrance. If you have prepared a dance it best to get it done when the night is young and people are fresh in anticipation. It can be a downer when everyone is full of food drink, listened to speeches and tired  for them to concentrate on your special dance. If that’s not important go ahead and have it later.

7)Speeches. Keep them short. Try to get them done just after the main course as the desserts are being plated. The people speaking can have the deserts after, no harm there. The quicker the speeches go the quicker you get to party on and people are still somewhat fresh. The longer the speeches the quicker you start to lose people and they quietly leave after the first dance. It happens , we’ve seen it.

8)Projectors, slideshows. We don’t hookup anybody elses equipment so if your friend or uncle comes to us asking we will decline as we can not be responsible for other peoples equipment legally. We do rent this service and happy to set it up in advance or you can hire another AV company to do it. This way it will be sure to work. Make sure if someone is hooking up their lap top to the projector that the appopriate cables and connections are available in advance. We’ve seen people come with their laptops only to figure out they did not have the right cable.

9)Don’t stop the dance to do anymore speeches or anything that will stop the flow of the dance. Once the dance starts then it off to party. The DJ can make any special announcements if necessary.

10)Feed the DJ. We recommend that you feed all your suppliers as they are working hard to make sure your wedding is a success and need to eat as well. The DJ usually just has his meal by his table so he can continue to control the music, sound.