The DJ Basics

How do we dress?

We dress in a dress shirt and dress pants all clean and fit the time of year. We move around a lot and heat up quickly , so do not wear jackets ,tuxedos etc.

When do you arrive?

We get to the event location a minimum of 1 hour prior to your event to setup and be ready for the time set.

How do you set up?

We always prefer to discuss the setup in advance and give you advice on location for the DJ. In some hotels they have a set location that they want the DJ to be with plugs and space accordingly. We need a space of at least 12 feet . An 8 foot table and space on the sides for speakers with  a few plug ins close by.

Do you play music at ceremonies?

Yes, we have a ceremony & reception package where we come to the location and setup a system which includes a wireless handheld mic. We play the music list you give us in advance and play through. Please go to quote page.  We do not play outside in inclement weather.

What type of music do you play?

We play the music that you want, it’s your party and we’re there to play your theme. We set you up once booked on our online database to select your music. For weddings we ask that you at least give us your first dance song and important others  entrance, cake cutting etc. Every client is different in how they want us to play, so we go with your flow.

Do you talk on the mic?

For weddings we can announce the bridal party and couple entrance, first dance etc.  We are not your MC as that is best left to someone that is a good friend or family member people can connect with. We will work with them to make things move smoothly. If you want a professional MC service we can provide that at an additional cost and it will be an extra person. The DJ should focus on the music and the flow of the event, it’s too important to mix the two. We  don’t spend time on the mic like  a game show host with a tux, if that’s what you want , we can get a separate MC with a theatrical background.

What’s your backup?

We always have a plan and there is a reason you have hired a local company to DJ your event. We don’t get stuck in snow trying to get out into the mountains, we live here. We’ve been called numerous time during the winter because an out of town DJ company could not make it out to a party in Canmore, Banff or Lake Louise. You don’t want that to happen do you? We always carry an extra mixer with a backup song drive and can keep the music going all night.

Do you know the facilities?

Again since we live here in the the Canmore, Banff Lake Louise areas we know each venue very well and have great relationships with all the staff. Most by first name. There is a reason we are on the preferred list of the Fairmont Banff Springs, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, Rimrock Resort Hotel and many more.

What other entertainment do you provide?

Our main is DJ and music services, but also have photography and video production services through our parent company Aydin Productions Ltd.  We can create slide shows, film your wedding or corporate event. We can provide an HDTV or Projector services as well to display them.  We can always create custom entertainment services such as a games room with Nintendos , Playstations or other games for corporate groups or weddings. If you want a musical trio or a single classical guitarist we can also arrange that as well.

Hope we’ve answered some questions and if you think of any more we would be happy to answer them.